Creative Industries Business Units
Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Wales

We were asked - in association with the Design Research Unit at the Welsh School of Architecture - to design flexible space for arts 'spin out' businesses - craftspeople, makers, media groups, animators - linked to Aberystwyth Arts Centre situated on the Penglais campus of Aberystwyth University. The project is organised as a series of pavilions linked by a 'circulation wall' which makes an edge to an adjacent field used for events. Construction is in timber frame for two reasons: for economy; and so that users can make changes easily (timber studs and plasterboard can be altered easily with a few hours, a little knowledge and a regular toolkit). Space can be let by fractions of pavilion. The 'wall', with convivial entrance places at each doorway, offers informal meeting places for the tenants.

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Principal: Adam Sharr BSc(Hons) BArch(Dist) PhD ARB RIBA