Art Fund Pavilion
Transportable Structure - Sites in Woking and London, UK

A competition entry - with Rob Thomas and Chris Wilkins - for a transportable summer pavilion for the Lightbox Gallery in Woking, capable of re-use on various sites. The brief called for a space which could be adapted for displaying art, for talks and for entertaining.

The following text was written for the competition submission:

"A dog is a gallery's best friend. This domesticated and loyal hound is intelligent. Out of her carcass fold seats, exhibition plinths and display panels. House-trained, she adapts with ease to exhibition, presentation and gatherings. The niches in pooch's rib-cage invite curation and subversion. A high rooflight bounds-up enthusiastically into the trees for natural light. Along with two other openings, and pendant fittings strung out on cords, this window casts whiskers of light and shadow which animate the interior. Neatly clipped water tanks set out four foundations, and the pre-cut ribs are quickly assembled around these. Infill panels provide bracing and enclosure. Fido's well-groomed black coat is brush-applied tar, which seals the joints and grows thicker as she ages, with each reconstruction. With agility, our pet's ramping tail encloses a place in the garden, onto which a large door opens-out, making a stage. This pavilion is clearly the only place for art in this dog-eat-dog world."


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Principal: Adam Sharr BSc(Hons) BArch(Dist) PhD ARB RIBA